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Palm Harbor Medical Associates
"The Prescription Medication Savings Guide"


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 Dr. Aron Schlau reveals how anyone can save a significant amount of money on their prescription medications. Look at what experts in the industry are saying about this book:
"Dr. Schlau goes beyond the Patient Assistance Programs for those who don't meet the financial requirements by showing how anyone can cut significant costs off of their prescriptions with or without these programs."
Joseph F. Diliberto, M.D. - Cardiovascular Surgeon

"Not only will you learn of the best programs that are available to those who qualify, Dr. Schlau gives step-by-step guidance in what to do and how to properly apply for each program for the best possible chance of being accepted."
Patrick Cinelli, M.D. - Internal Medicine

"Dr. Schlau makes it so simple to save on medications. This book is a great need for millions of people."
John Stokes, M.D. - Endocrinology

  • Learn the technique for cutting costs on medications by 75%.
  • Find out if Internet pharmacies are safe alternatives.
  • See how to increase your chances of getting medications FREE!
  • Dr. Schlau has helped real people save real money on prescriptions.

    Here's an example of how the information in this book helps others:
    "I love not having to go to the pharmacy any more and wait in line for my prescriptions. With the help of Doctor Schlau, I now get my medications sent right to my door AND I'M NOW SAVING OVER $100.00 per MONTH!" IH.-Palm Harbor, FL

    "The Prescription Medication Savings Guide"
    by Aron Schlau, M.D. and Robert S. Nahas
    (292 pages)
    ISBN 0-9746744-0-0
    $18.95 .