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Palm Harbor Medical Associates
The Talking Health Care show


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The Talking Health Care show
With Ruben Jones and Aron Schlau, MD.
The Tampa Bay's leading program devoted to live interviews with healthcare professionals, doctors, administrators, and directors.

WTAN 1340 AM.
Saturdays 10 am to 12 noon.
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Phone: (727) 738-1375
Fax: (727) 738-4855

The Talking Health Care show is the #1 talk show on health care availability and education. The show's host, Ruben Jones has twenty years of health care delivery experience ranging from  hospital CEO to health care entrepreneur.  Ruben is a member of the American College of Healthcare Executives 

The show's co-host Dr. Aron Schlau, is a board certified Internists who hails from Brooklyn New York.  His practice in Palm Harbor Florida has flourished for over fifteen years.  Dr. Schlau is well known as an exceptionally gifted and sensitive physician.

They bring the show's highly technical information to an understanding level enjoyable to everyone.  Their understanding of  health care allows the hosts to digest and interpret the system to the higher benefit of all listeners.

The show covers the topical issues of today's health care. The show's focus is on education, availability, navigating health care cost and utilization. We talk live with providers and professionals. Our goal is to assist individuals learn to use economically and benefit from today's health care system. We assist in keeping health care cost low while learning to properly handle health care affairs.

The show is topical, informative, entertaining, and cutting edge. Mr. Jones and Dr. Schlau bring their over thirty years of health care experience to the complicated issues of health care education to a street level understanding so all may benefit and enjoy.